Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's March already... Edward Cullen~!!

Lets count... my last post was on 8 Feb... and today is 4 March... Its been about a MONTH im not updating diz blog (almost laa kan... ) am i busy?? kinda... but to be exact, MALAS sebenarnye... plus, not really in a mood of babling act... hmmm.. uwkeyh2.. to my fans (hahaha.. ade kerr?? ~sigh~) do be patient as i'll upload more piccas soon... uwkeyh (^_~)

As for now, lets layan diz songs... my fave song at d moment.... (^_^)v

Heaven Can Wait by We The Kings (to download, click HERE)
World Behind My Wall by Tokio Hotel (to download, click HERE)
Realiti Dewi by Alyah (to download, click HERE)
Noktah Cinta By Hafiz (to download, click HERE)

n... YEssszz... Alice In Wonderland juz come out... anyone wanna accompany me to watch it??? jum2 ;)

1 comment:

sya said...

ku mahu tgk alice tp nak tgk hr ni...hehehe. klu bes leh tgk lg! ko blanje k