Friday, June 25, 2010

Super Something


You See

I Was Nothing More

Than A Girl Who Wished

For Something Different

Watchin Her Dreams

From A Distance

You See

When You Came In

It's A Different Game

You Believe In Me So Much

You Turn Me From Nothing To A Girl

Who's Super-Something


You'll See

I'm Better

I'm Faster


I'm Happier

When You By My Side

(Ku Lalui Semua Dengan Senyuman Di Wajahku)

You'll See

I'm Better

I'm Faster


I'm Happier

When You By My Side

(Ku Tempuhi Semua Kerana Engkau Di Sisi Ku)

The Truth Is

I Was Never More Than This

Something Kept Me From Reaching Out

For Something

But My Heart Is Wanting

What It's Looking For

Then You Came

You Turn Me Upside Down

I'm No Longer Afraid

Of Chasing


I'll Be The Last One Standing

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

dan bila esok

bila mode "terlebey rajen" datang... so comes diz handmade pics... for better clear pics ni..tgk kat my Facebook, under Suki-suki album =) hehe.. curently likeyy diz song by Sofaz.. if nak download mp3, u may go HERE

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drama King

org yg dgr crite x tau dr siapa : kl sentral... end of last year... destination to stong.. "kenalkan tunang saya.." =)... ooooowww... tahniah la... tunang org rupanya...
budak x bersalah : ?
org yg dgr crite x tau dr siapa : hehe
budak x bersalah : whatever.
org yg dgr crite x tau dr siapa : last year lg dh rancang nak bertunang kan...
org yg dgr crite x tau dr siapa : tahniah
org yg dgr crite x tau dr siapa : semoga bahagia
org yg dgr crite x tau dr siapa : dunia hiking kt malaysia ni kecik je...=)
org yg dgr crite x tau dr siapa : pusing2 pon sditu jugak kan..
org yg dgr crite x tau dr siapa : tcare
budak x bersalah : n i really dont know what r u talking about
budak x bersalah : what tunang? what stong? n what plan from last year?
budak x bersalah : n what is kl sentral happened to be
org yg dgr crite x tau dr siapa : just as what ive predicted
org yg dgr crite x tau dr siapa : congratz
budak x bersalah : demi Allah... budak x bersalah x tahu apa yg awk ckp
budak x bersalah : n from who u heard it... i dun even noe
budak x bersalah : hope org tu terima balasan from what yg dia cerita

almost tersentap tengah hari tadi..... rasa mcm dlm drama pulak... but its reality.... semoga budak x bersalah tu, kuatkan hati n lebih dekatkan hati dengan DIA... insyaAllah =) nie sumer duniawi je... *kalau betul2 terjadi best jgk kan... sy mmg nak kawen...cepat angkat tgn sape xnk kawen...ade x??? heheheh~~*

"Dan fitnah itu lebih sangat (dosanya) daripada pembunuhan....." - surah Al Baqoroh (2) ayat 191

kerana pulut santan binasa kerana mulut (yg suka memfitnah) ukhwah binasa....nauzubillah...

jadi pengajaran buat kita semua....selidikilah sedalam-dalamnya berita yg disampaikan..jangan diulang kehancuran khilafah yg lalu kerana fitnah sana sini...

**dah2... back to works Amalina!!!

Semuanya cun saja

While i read back my previous post... tibe2 hati ni terdetik "x baiknya klu camtu...mcm balas dendam plak bunyi dia"... refer to words "what u give..u get back"

hmmm... isk3x... i had to get rid of this things... x baik kan... had to clean all those haters in my heart... yupp =) juz like d pics below ni.. baru hati ni tenang kan kawan2 =)

loves kata2 bawah ni....

Gerak Hati

Him : "14324" received at 3.20 am
Her : reply the next morning "...?? ***** rase ***** salah send msg awal pg td"
Him : "No"
Her : "U supposed send it 2 her. Not me."
Him : "k."

Motif = saje2 nak post. sbb dah lama x update... heheheh (*_~)v

to dat gurl,if she read this ...... "what u give... u get back"

malas mau layan emo2 skrg ini... keje melambak... nnt be++ stress...

recent mode : Gerak Hati by Azlan & The Typewriter

Thursday, April 15, 2010

If We Ever Meet Again sweetiepies2 all over d world =) wallaweyhhh...its more then a month x update diz blog... sungguh banyak benda nak type... but as always, d laziness syndrome had conquered me d most... hihi... so, as a start... lets layan diz song from Timbaland (feat.Katy Perry)... i loikeee!! =)

I'll never be the same
If we ever meet again

Friday, March 5, 2010

im so MAD!!!

Huhu.. petang2 ni plak someone really makes my body temperature UP!! almost crying 4 a while... but its not worth it... why should i cried for things that was not because of mE!! cool malin... COOL.. n yes.. be patient also.. u GO GIRL!!

recent mode : Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's March already... Edward Cullen~!!

Lets count... my last post was on 8 Feb... and today is 4 March... Its been about a MONTH im not updating diz blog (almost laa kan... ) am i busy?? kinda... but to be exact, MALAS sebenarnye... plus, not really in a mood of babling act... hmmm.. uwkeyh2.. to my fans (hahaha.. ade kerr?? ~sigh~) do be patient as i'll upload more piccas soon... uwkeyh (^_~)

As for now, lets layan diz songs... my fave song at d moment.... (^_^)v

Heaven Can Wait by We The Kings (to download, click HERE)
World Behind My Wall by Tokio Hotel (to download, click HERE)
Realiti Dewi by Alyah (to download, click HERE)
Noktah Cinta By Hafiz (to download, click HERE)

n... YEssszz... Alice In Wonderland juz come out... anyone wanna accompany me to watch it??? jum2 ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Whut a weekend...

YeahhH...~~!!!! really had a blast weekend with my bunch of gfs ;) from Sunway, to One Utama. Then Ikea, proceed with Mines and end with Alamanda (as for Saturday)... d next day(Sunday), went to KLCC for back-to-school journey to Petrosains and end-up at Chili's... nguehuehue... i guess (not guess dah, but its reality occay...haha~), my KG a.k.a weight for sure had gained sangat2 la banyak.... huhuhu... never mind... as long as i keep Happy with my ownself.... yuppp...hehehhe ;)

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us.... =)

starting with unexpected "acc"

while waiting 4 Them.. had a bfast @ Pancake House, SUnway Pyramid... huehuehue

x sempat nak men diz ice-skating... huhu

part of CNY show at Sunway

our 1st xtvt, baseball @ 1 Utama

next spot, Ikea's Meatball...

3rd xtvt, water taxi @ Mines (nak men snown, but tempat snow tu da closed almost a year.. ;P)

next, around 10++ pm, headed to Alamanda, for Karaoke-ing ;) *2gether with Pesot, Syakir n Pesot's Fren whose come all d way from shah alam...heheh

Dj Malin in da houze~ *dah kt Petrosains

we're going there...~

shhuuuuu... someone's sleeping..... hehehhe

hahaaha.. whose d skinier???!!

this one, inside d "gondola" thing... headed out...

chillin' @ Chili's

its Mine!! ;P

freakin' delicioussszzzzzzzzz!!!!!

**i felt something is missing...and im not really sure what it is.......

recent mode : Green Day - 21 Guns

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Entry Emo

at first...

"Emergency Call Only"


"No Network To Access"

what's next????!!!

"Your Phone Is Dead"... i guess

HUH!!! bungikss nyer simcard@phone...whatever! x pyh pkai henset mcm ni